“I have struggled with my weight for my entire life. I was obese as a teenager, but was able to lose 60 pounds in my early 20s with literally no effort (just walking to and from school). My weight continued to fluctuate throughout my 20s. I entered my 30s at a healthy weight, but then gained roughly 30 pounds. I was only 20 pounds away from my heaviest. I hated exercise, but occasionally made myself do cardio. It wasn’t enough, though.



“Kim Ashford is a fitness trainer who is committed to helping you not only achieve your health and fitness goals but enjoy yourself along the way. She is extremely knowledgeable about how the body works and how nutrition plays a role in helping you meet your goals.

She helped me create a unique fitness plan based on my favorite forms of movement and was fully engaged during our time together to help me get past stuck points.



“Training with Kim was a no-brainer. Having personally known Kim for years, I can vouch for her dedication and knowledgeability as an amazing personal trainer. Mike and Kim have turned their passion for healthy living into a business and it does not disappoint.

Within a few weeks I had added on 4-5 lbs and was lifting heavier than I ever had my entire life.

My personal goal was to add on mass since I have always been super thin, so Kim tailored my workout and meal plan around that. Within a few weeks I had added on 4-5 lbs and was lifting heavier than I ever had my entire life.



“In March of 2016 my 15-year old daughter, who is a competitive gymnast, suffered a bad injury to her foot. She was unable to do anything on it per her doctor. My daughter was distraught because she felt that laying off for a long period of time would cause her to lose her strength and flexibility. I got in touch with Kim, because my daughter needed a very creative workout plan for 8 weeks that didn’t involve putting any pressure on her feet.