Fit. Whole. Happy.

As a counselor turned personal trainer, I have a deep interest in helping women find health in all areas of their lives. Healthy bodies, healthy minds, and healthy hearts are equally valuable to a whole life.

I know that physical training is an exercise in the challenges of life. It requires perseverance, self-discipline, and resiliency. It offers self-esteem, victory, and character as its rewards.

Joy, pain, satisfaction, setbacks, and personal bests are the things that fill a life and we get to practice how we will treat these gifts when we train our bodies.

It is my honor to help you get stronger, meet your personal goals, and provide you with the tools you need to succeed, not only on your fitness journey, but in all of the arenas that make up your beautiful life. Start your fitness journey!

Below are some tried and true resources on health, healing, relationships, and more.

Trusted Resources

Sarah Siders Coaching and Consulting

banner2Sarah Siders is a therapist and coach for mothers in the early childhood years. She is passionate about helping mothers discover in love who they are and design a life they truly enjoy.

Clean Food Crush

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 3.59.09 PMDelicious clean recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.



The Gottman Institute

logo-tgiA research based approach to strengthening relationships.


National Network to End Domestic Violence

logo1NNEDV provides resources and support for survivors of domestic violence.



National Sexual Violence Resource Center

logoNSVRC provides resources and support for survivors of sexual violence.