Meet KimIMG_5410

Hi there! I am Kim Ashford, a
Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT) and Weight Loss Specialist (WLS-NASM). In 2013, after leaving a career I loved, giving birth to my second child, and moving away from my friends and community, I found myself depressed, stressed out, and feeling lost. That’s when I decided to join a gym, but not because I wanted to lose the baby weight. I was more interested in the 2 hours of child care they provided that gave me a chance to breathe and the stress relief I experienced after a workout. Soon enough though, I developed a love for weight lifting and running. I was setting goals and reaching them and I found that my self esteem and mental health improved with every trip to the barbell and with every mile on the pavement. A significant part of my healing happened in the gym and I wanted other women to experience this too. So, I became a certified personal trainer and began training women both online and in-person. I found that over half of my clients in my first year of training had weight loss goals and I wanted to be able to provide the best information and training I could, so I became a certified weight loss specialist. I have also found that the women I train need something more than to be held accountable and they need something more than achieving a hot beach body. So, with Kim Ashford Fitness, it is my passion to provide you with everything you need to incorporate fitness into your life in a meaningful way. I believe that exercise is not only a way to achieve a healthy body, but also a training ground for building mental fortitude, emotional strength, and quality of character. As your trainer, I want to see you become your best self. I want to see you become fit, whole, and happy. Start your fitness journey!